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Parents love to collect and store their cherished memories, which include photographs, documents, audio and video clips.
Problems faced by parents:
bullet Just can't find it when you need it
bullet Misplace it when moving homes
bullet Give it to someone and they don't return it
bullet Item deteriorates or gets damaged

The AlphaGrade Vault is a repository for all such treasured photographs, documents, audio and video clips. Parents can store their valuable possessions in the Vault and access them with a couple clicks - anywhere - anytime.

Sharing these memories is easy as family and friends can see them at the AlphaGrade site, with your permission. You decide who can and cannot see your child's private content.

Photo Album
Create unlimited folders and store pictures.
Document Folders
Store documents such as school reports, certificates, memorable school projects, etc.
Audio  Folders
Store audio clips from performances, recitals, favorite songs, etc.
Video Folders
Store video clips from school performances, sports activities, holidays, etc.
What can I expect? What is my child's AlphaGrade?

How does it work?


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